GT series (1600H Single Pass High Speed Digital Corrugated Inject Printer)

GT series (1600H Single Pass High Speed Digital Corrugated Inject Printer)

⊙ Climate Control For Production. The ink temperature can be controlled to the required working temperature +/-1℃, to avoid the influence of environmental temperature ink stability.

⊙ Inlet Control Panel System. Orderly operation of the printing system. Repeatability of print quality. Longevity, stability and reliability. High intensity of color repetition with optimum output.

⊙ Automatic maintenance. Alarm for ink shortage and ink spill, automatic moisturizing, contact-less automatic cleaning and maintenance.

⊙ High quality precise prints. Adoped EPSON i3200 print head, 600 dpi physical resolution, printing resolution upto 1200 dpi.

⊙ High productivity. Consistant frequency control that produce 600 dpi line, 75m/min

⊙ Work perfectly with traditional parper slitter, and folder gluer stitcher linkage.

  • Commodity name: GT series (1600H Single Pass High Speed Digital Corrugated Inject Printer)



  • Main featrues:

    ⊙ EPSON i3200 Multi Color Industrial Print Head. Epson unique technology ALL MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) enable high precision nozzle making the print head compact fast, high quality, and durable. The droplets close to a perfect circle meanwhile precisely positioned.

    ⊙ Intelligent Ink System. The equipment will automatically lock all colors ink circuit, to solve the problem of ink leakage and waste after shutdown.

    ⊙ Efficient Ink Control. The automatic cleaning and maintenance system applied to the negative pressure system can reduce the ink waste of conventional pushing ink.

    ⊙ High Precision Laser Eye. High frequency laser ranging sensor and module accuratly obtain information after rigorous temperature, ambient light and  linear compensation tests.

    ⊙ One Touch Operation. One key automatic non-contact cleaning print head, fully sealed automatic print head moisturizing, long moisturizing protects print head and extend the lifespan.

    ⊙ Feeding unit adopts servo motor, which makes paper feeding stable and precise. 

    Technical parameters:

    Model numberGT1600HGT1600H+
    Print Head24pcs48pcs
    Accuracy600*600dpi / 600*1200dpi1200*1200 dpi
    Printing Speed35-75m/min
    Print Width796mm796mm



    Power380V 23KW
    380V 23KW
    SystemRIP, Win10 64-bit
    RIP, Win10 64-bit
    EnvironmentHumidity: 40%-60% Temperature: 22℃-30℃
    Humidity: 40%-60% Temperature: 22℃-30℃
    Feeding PaperLiner edge feeder
    Liner edge feeder

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